ArthroLase is strategically poised for success and rapid growth, providing an intelligent robotic-assisted laser joint resurfacing system designed to optimise joint function, revolutionise the practice of orthopaedic surgery worldwide, and significantly improve the lives of millions.

Orthopaedics is primed for change

We are at a pivotal moment in orthopaedics. Demand for joint replacement surgery, particularly knee and hip replacements, is growing dramatically around the world. Driving this rapid market expansion is an ageing global population, a rise in chronic diseases such as obesity and arthritis, and increasing instances of joint replacement procedures in younger active patients.

Patient expectations for post-operative recovery, with restored quality of life has never been higher. At the same time, rapid developments in artificial intelligence, 3D digital sensing, robotics and advanced manufacturing capabilities are poised to challenge the dominance of traditional orthopaedic practice. The global orthopaedic market is now primed for change.

Knee surgery

Technology built on solid fundamentals

FDA Breakthrough Designation
HAiLO™ has been awarded Breakthrough Device Designation Status by the FDA
ISO13485 Accreditation
ArthroLase has ISO13485 Accreditation (MD 726905) with high quality management systems and processes embedded to facilitate smooth market entry
A world-class team
ArthroLase has deep technical expertise, respected global industry partners and leading Industry advisors to efficiently guide its pathway to market.
Established and Differentiated IP
ArthroLase has secured first-mover advantage in the laser arthroplasty. The company's innovative technologies are protected by a robust IP portfolio.
Growing Demand
The global demand for joint replacement surgeries, especially knee and hip replacements, is surging at an unprecedented rate. This rapid growth is fuelled by an aging population, an increase in chronic conditions such as obesity, and a rising demand among younger, active patients.
Novel technology
Our intelligent robotic-assisted laser joint resurfacing system aspires to achieve the elusive 'forgotten knee' — a knee that feels so natural, patients forget that they have had a replacement.

ArthroLase stands uniquely positioned to achieve our vision of restoring vitality and movement, thereby transforming the global practice of orthopaedic joint replacement.

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