Shaping the future of orthopaedics with laser precision

AIRO-x™ design concept
AIRO-x design concept v3

Introducing the AIRO-x Suite of Next-Generation Orthopaedic Implants

The transition to laser bone shaping with its 3D precision unlocks prosthesis design from planar cuts. The AIRO-x™ suite represents the next generation of implants, specifically engineered to synergise with the HAiLO™ system's advanced bone sculpting capabilities.

Breaking free from the limitations of traditional flat cuts made by conventional saws, ArthroLase has developed next-generation orthopaedic implants. These feature proprietary 3D laser-shaped surface patterns, enabling ergonomic resurfacing implants. The proprietary AIRO-x™ pattern etched by the laser into the bone, and the reciprocal pattern on the internal surface of the prosthesis, increase the surface area between at their contact point, which is designed to increased immediate stability and long-term fixation.

3D axis
3D laser shaping unlocks new improved designs
>50% preservation of healthy bone
Retained ligaments enhance natural post-operative feel
Knee motion
Natural joint mechanics
Laser preparation removes the need for bone cement
3D graph
Proprietary bone surface pattern for immediate stable fixation