Shaping the future of orthopaedics with laser precision

HAiLO™ design concept v4
HAiLO design concept v5

Introducing HAiLO

The HAiLO™ system, ArthroLase's innovative High-speed Intelligent Laser Osteotomy System, is a groundbreaking joint resurfacing robot that utilises laser bone shaping to precisely and rapidly remove thin layers of bone. It safely sculpts the bone-end to perfectly align with the cementless AIRO-x™ resurfacing implant, achieving unprecedented sub-millimetre precision. This technology is designed to preserve ligaments, minimises bone removal, and enhance the prosthesis's bonding surface area, ultimately aiming to improve biomechanical function, stability, and prosthesis longevity.

The integrated platform combines high speed precision laser shaping, surgical robotics, 3D digital sensing, machine learning and real time intraoperative feedback, to enable surgeons to plan and execute highly accurate patient-specific procedures. The perfect fit between the bone and the implant will avoid the need for bone cement, maximising the benefits of bio-active implant surface coatings resulting in quick and secure bone on-growth to the prothesis.

This technology will be developed for all joint replacement procedures, including partial and total knee replacements and resurfacings.

The Laser Difference

High speed
Surface join
Optimal bone bed surface for cementless application
Sub-millimetre precision
3D axis
3D laser shaping unlocks new improved designs
Surfaces seperate

Revolutionary Bone Sculpting

HAiLO™ is the first surgical system to harness laser bone shaping via an intelligent robot-assisted targeting system to accurately form complex 3D geometric shapes unachievable with traditional mechanical cutting tools. Its high-speed positional targeting ensures reliable sub-millimetre accuracy, while robotic assistance ensures consistent stability throughout the operation.

Dynamic Digital Sensing

HAiLO™ includes an array of versatile sensors that integrate with the laser allowing the system to digitally model the joint surface in real time.

Implant Fit Analysis

The HAiLO™ system utilises sophisticated algorithms to precisely evaluate the 'implant fit,' ensuring complete contact between all components of the prosthesis and the bone during surgery before the final fixation of the implant.