PERTH, WA, October 2018

Researchers in Australia and Germany team up to bring new Medical Technology to millions


In a move that brought the reality of robot-assisted laser surgery one step closer, researchers from a leading university in Ulm, Germany and the Australian Institute of Robotic Orthopaedics (AIRO) joined forces to share ideas and advice.

In a series of knowledge exchanges, doctors and engineers from both countries visited each others’ labs and helped with tests and research. The initiative was made possible by both parties applying for - and winning - a DAAD Grant awarded under the Australia-Germany Joint Research Cooperation Scheme.

The esteemed grant provided funding for the exchange visits between AIRO and the Institut für Lasertechnologien in der Medizin und Messtechnik (ILM) in Ulm, Baden-Württemberg, Germany, in partnership with Professor Charlie Ironside from Curtin University.

Knowledge exchange visit 1.
Perth, Australia.
July 1 to July 21, 2017.

Dr Karl Stock, Vice Director, ILM, undertook a three week research sabbatical at the AIRO in Perth, working hand-in-hand with the AIRO engineering team. During his time in Perth, Karl assisted with laser calibration testing and the development of collaborative projects between AIRO and ILM.

Knowledge exchange visit 2.
Ulm, Germany.
March 1 to April 30, 2018.

AIRO engineer Joshua Gonçalves undertook a two month internship at ILM in Ulm, under the direct supervision of Dr Karl Stock. The primary outcome from Joshua’s visit was the development of a software system capable of identifying and controlling multiple different devices through one computing system. This involved converting the place where these different devices met (the interface) into a singular iteration which would allow them to be synchronised.

The DAAD knowledge exchange is just one example of AIRO’s commitment to making sure Australia is viewed globally as a preferred research partner. Right from the start, we have driven a strategy of collaboration, not only among local institutions, but globally, enhancing Australian expertise with knowledge from the very brightest international experts.

“This whole experience has been so valuable.” said AIRO Managing Director and CEO Associate Professor Brett Robertson. “Our working relationship with ILM has been significantly strengthened by this project. Which is really important to us. Programs like the DAAD are key enablers for the creation of international partnerships that are both meaningful and for the long-term. I think our university and industry knowledge partnerships are truly world class.”

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