PERTH, WA, May 2023

Helping to ensure the highest quality standards in the WA Medical Device Industry

AIRO ISO-13485 Event

The Australian Institute of Robotic Orthopaedics (AIRO), recently took part in an engaging and informative session, titled "A SME's Guide to Good Manufacturing", featuring insights from their Chief Technology Officer, Mr. Richard Chipper. The event, hosted by Deloitte on Tuesday the 2nd of May, attracted a large and diverse audience eager to learn about the critical role of Good Manufacturing Practice and ISO 13485 accreditation in the medical device industry.

AIRO, a pioneer in the field of robotic-assisted laser orthopaedics, has held the prestigious ISO 13485 accreditation for over three years. This internationally recognised standards for medical device quality management systems demonstrates AIRO's unwavering commitment to the highest levels of quality control. Mr. Chipper shared the company's experiences and key learnings in maintaining a strong commitment to quality.

The event, chaired by Professor Kevin Pfleger from the University of Western Australia and WA Life Sciences Innovation Hub, also featured valuable Insights from other notable speakers, Including Dr. Janet Preuss from QRC Solutions, Biotech Recruitment Consultants and AIRO's Industry Advisory Committee, James Hill from Singular Health Group Ltd, Monique Cannon from Orthocell Ltd, and Mark Upton from Deloitte.

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