PERTH, WA, August 2023

AIRO marks National Science Week with Forrest Research Foundation

Lab group photo
L-R: Dr James Arvanitakis, Mingxin Ye, Ryan Breuer, Dr Brett Robertson, Sam Withers, Nicholas Lawler and Georgia Khinsoe.

The Australian Institute of Robotic Orthopaedics (AIRO) was thrilled to mark #NationalScienceWeek alongside the brilliant Dr James Arvanitakis from Forrest Research Foundation and the newest wave of Forrest Scholars: Nicholas Lawler, Mingxin Ye, and Georgia Khinsoe.

The laser bone shaping demonstration to the Forrest Research Foundation team was led by AIRO’s own Sam Withers who has recently secured a prestigious National Industry PhD scholarship in partnership with Associate Professor Nathan Pavlos from UWA.

The future of MedTech innovation in WA is truly shining bright!

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