New York, September 2023

AIRO to Pitch Groundbreaking Laser Bone Shaping Technology at Global Arthroplasty Innovation Congress In New York

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The International Society for Technology in Arthroplasty (ISTA) is set to host Professor Riaz Khan, co-founder and Chairman of AIRO, as a speaker in its upcoming annual congress. Professor Khan will share valuable insights on the advanced technique of laser bone shaping for joint arthroplasty.

The event, held in New York, is one of the premier gatherings in the world of orthopaedics and arthroplasty. This year, the focus is squarely on "Innovation and Entrepreneurship", echoing the leading edge of emerging orthopaedic technologies. ISTA, with a rich history spanning over three decades, remains at the helm of global advancements in joint arthroplasty technologies. ISTA prides itself on integrating technological progress, ever-changing patient requirements, and surgical expertise.

AIRO has been chosen as one of the select few companies to participate in the 'Shark Tank' session on Thursday, September 28th. Here, we will share our vision of a new horizon for global orthopaedics, pioneering intelligent laser joint resurfacing.

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